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 can i turbo my 2rz engine ??

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Registration date : 2011-12-06

PostSubject: can i turbo my 2rz engine ??   Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:43 pm

i have a 93 hiace is it posble to turbo it or not??
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Not so new now
Not so new now

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Model and year : 1985 Maxda T3500 Parkway Motorhome
(I upgraded from my 1994 LH125 Hiace Commuter!)

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PostSubject: Re: can i turbo my 2rz engine ??   Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:56 am

It's not legal to fit aftermarket turbo's to a petrol car in Australia without a whole heap of stuffing 'round to get engineers certificates etc.

The aftermarket turbocharging of a diesel on the other hand is no problem.....go figure!

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Aussie Pete

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Home City : Sydney- Australia
Model and year : 1995 Super Custom - 2.8 Diesel - Part-time 4WD Professionally converted to Campervan by Discoverer, with pop-top roof. In 2007, I modified the engine to add a turbo which has been a great success.
Registration date : 2011-08-16

PostSubject: Re: can i turbo my 2rz engine ??   Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:16 am

I fitted a Turbo to my 2.8 diesel some years ago and it has made a huge improvement to the van.  It had been converted to a Camper and carries a lot of extra weight (eg 120L of water, 80L fridge, pop up roof, awning, extra battery, cabinets etc) and without the turbo it was dead and painful to drive. Now I can keep up with the general traffic and at highway speeds it has a lot more go.  Re MaXiLeeCH's comments: Most diesel vans already have a vacuum pump that works the power brakes. On a petrol vehicle the vacuum comes from the inlet manifold, but once you add a turbo there is no longer any vacuum and the car suddenly takes a strong leg and 3 times as far to stop (and is illegal).

Briefly, I used a kit for a 2.8 Hilux, had to reconfigure the turbo so that all the connections could be made, including making some special connectors.  Had to fit a new exhaust manifold, but the turbo would not quite fit under the seat. I had the manifold outlet reground at a 10 degree angle, so that the turbo was tilted over by 10 deg and it then fitted (also made some tapered washers so that the holding bolts were property tightened). Added a heat shield between turbo and seat, tapped into the water pipes on the other side of the engine, extended the oil return line to miss the exhaust and that was very briefly the work required. A custom exhaust workshop made a stainless steel adaptor to join the turbo to the exhaust. I still needed an Engineer's Certificate, but it passed that without any problems.
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PostSubject: Re: can i turbo my 2rz engine ??   

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can i turbo my 2rz engine ??
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