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 3" stainless exhaust with sidepipes

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PostSubject: 3" stainless exhaust with sidepipes   Mon May 25, 2015 6:37 pm

My last post is still long time ago, but I have modified my Ace constantly. the latest gimmick is my brand new 3" exhaust completly in stainless steel. Itīs (super)custom made off the turbo flange. the material is 1.4541 or 321 TIG-welded. I also developed a bypass flap, so the gases can go through the mufflers or not. therefor I modified an old bicycle shifter and mounted it to the auto shifter stick. Of course, it is chrome plated! cyclops
All screws and additional materials are also stainless, otherwise it will be forlorn hope! study I designed it in a way that the pipes will blast before the right rear wheel in a kind of side pipes. The first is with muffler, the second without. The black color is only for the style, because most parts at my the HiAce are black with the basic car color hot chocolate brown.
The sound is reeeeallyyy good, not noisy, but still rough and dirty, with a really nice turbo sough. Without muffler the sound gets louder and slightly raw, but still absolutly acceptable for legal streets. Due to regulations and tax laws I had to reinstall the 200cell catalytic converter, which kills most of the loudness and dirty sounds. but this make the whole construction fundamental possibly street legal. But that will be a next step...! Drummer
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will take some car pictures after my next full car wash action! Laughing

Turbo flange first version with laser cutted flange and seal

maching the bypass flap

some welded parts

the flap works with 90 degree offset, one opens when the other closes

Simon mufflers in 3" SS

3" dump pipe with v-band clamp

additional shifter, from old GDR socialistic bicycle component producer Renak

short look under the skirt  Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: 3" stainless exhaust with sidepipes   Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:16 am

Love what you have done. Is your engine the 1kz-te? and do you have the plans for how you had this exhuast made? as I would like to do the same basic thing for my 1993/4 SC.
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3" stainless exhaust with sidepipes
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