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 legal lift for 98 super custom kzh106

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PostSubject: legal lift for 98 super custom kzh106   Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:48 am

Would appreciate some help on this as soon as anyone can,  I'm about to get some springs made to improve the ride height on the back of my 98 super custom.  I figured if its possible to raise it 50mm by the engineer then that would be cool except-

in the vic standards we see that only a commercially available lift kit can be used to do it.  so does that mean it isn't legal to lift at all?  because theres no such thing as a commercially available lift kit for a grey import.

I have no idea what the queensland standards are.  the car spends a lot of time in queensland but its currently got vic plates.  it will go back to victoria sometime in the future, but I should plan for both states.

If I can't do it legally then I wont do it at all because if it would affect my insurance payout in an incident then its not worth the risk.

excerpt attached below...

13.3.1 Option 1
This option allows a combination of suspension lift and the  tting of larger diameter tyres that results in a total lift of up to 75 mm without the need for the testing and certi cation normally required by VSB 14 for lifts above 50 mm provided the following requirements are met.
The vehicle’s suspension may be raised by up to 50mm, provided that at least two thirds of the original suspension travel in either direction is retained.
Only commercially available suspension kits may be used. Such kits must be:
Manufactured and supplied by a Corporation;
Speci cally designed and tested by the suspension lift kit manufacturer for the make/model/variant of the vehicle being modi ed to ensure no adverse e ect on the modi ed vehicle’s propensity for rollover, handling characteristics, braking performance and structural integrity when assessed at the combined suspension lift (up to 50mm) and tyre radius increase (up to 25mm), i.e. a total increase in ride height of up to 75mm; and
Fitted in accordance with the kit manufacturer’s instructions, abiding by any conditions or limitations advised by the suspension kit manufacturer and include a written statement (to be retained by the vehicle owner) of the suitability of the suspension lift kit for
the make/model/variant of the vehicle being modi ed whether or not installed in combination with the permissible tyre diameter increase.
As per VSB14 Section LS, tyres up to 50mm larger in diameter than that speci ed by the vehicle manufacturer may be  tted provided:
The entire tyre cross section is covered by the vehicles bodywork in plan view with the front wheels in the straight ahead position; and
The tyres do not foul the bodywork or any suspension or steering component under any combination of suspension and steering movement.
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legal lift for 98 super custom kzh106
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