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 How to check ATF level - help please!

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Not so new now
Not so new now

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PostSubject: How to check ATF level - help please!   Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:48 pm

Following my last post about changing auto gear oil, the job has finally been done...but now I've got in a mess about checking the level correctly and would appreciate advice on how to do it accurately. When I collected the vehicle, the mechanic showed me the ATF level at the top of the 'hot' section on the dipstick, even though it had been standing for hours and was quite cool. His English wasn't good so I couldn't get him to understand my point but I was sure that he'd overfilled it. So I drove home and checked it again hot, to find the level way over the maximum, confirming what I feared. The next morning I checked it cold & it was still on the maximum 'hot' level, so I drained some off; I actually drained almost 2 litres before I got the level down to midway between 'cool' & 'hot', so I thought that the silly so&so had seriously overdone it. I then drove 10 miles to heat things up and checked again but was horrified to find the level at the lowest end of the 'cool' section!! What's going on here? Could there have been an airlock? I've replaced almost all the extra 2 litres to bring it back hot to the right level. So was the mechanic correct in the first place...and why were my readings so erratic? By the way, I did try what some recommend to check with the engine actually idling but this didn't work at all I could hardly see any level on the stick. So what's the right way?
Many thanks!
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Been here a while
Been here a while

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PostSubject: Re: How to check ATF level - help please!   Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:18 pm

To check the atf fluid it is done with the engine idling. You could do it with a cold engine first and if level ok do it hot. It does work. Maybe you could expand on what didn't work. Also check all the pipe joints are tight snd not leaking and there are no kinks.
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How to check ATF level - help please!
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