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 Fixed: Leisure electrics master relay (Noppo conversion)

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Been here a while
Been here a while

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PostSubject: Fixed: Leisure electrics master relay (Noppo conversion)   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:13 pm

    In case it's useful- symptom was no power to the leisure electrics distribution board (which is on the cupboard wall above the fridge in my van). Checked charge on Leisure Battery and operation of master switch on dash, fuses and connections in battery compartment and behind the distribution board. No obvious issues.
There's a big fat master relay inside the cupboard- an American made thing (my van has a mix of Japanese, European and US leisure products, the electrical stuff is mostly US, as you might expect given the comparable mains supply).  Interestingly, it's running hot to the touch. Checked for voltage on the input and output and it's apparent that it's not passing current.
Temporary fix: bypass relay by moving input connection to output- now have electrics but can't turn them off properly- I used the individual rocker switches for each of the main circuits to cut down on the drain when not using the van. The indicator LED for the leisure supply is now permanently on, plus any other devices not supplied from the main panel.
Identified a Durite 100A make/break relay ("0-727-10") as a suitable alternative. It has slightly smaller posts for the switched circuit but they connect OK and a pair of Lucars (1/4" spade connectors) for the switching (coil) circuit, where the original had a post for positive and ring connectors to the body (ground) at the mounting screws. I replaced them with Lucars, including making up a Tee connection from the single live to the two wires that attach to it.
It's working fine now- just need to run it for a while to check that it doesn't draw too much current, wear out too fast etc.
Diagnosis was helped by the leisure manual that came with my van- Noppo have kindly included a wiring diagram for the leisure electrics, albeit that all the labelling is in Japanese, making it slightly more difficult to identify the circuits....
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Fixed: Leisure electrics master relay (Noppo conversion)
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