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 Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.

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PostSubject: Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.    Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:46 pm

With the over-engineering of the LH 119 4x4 Hiace you may wonder why a brake disc ever needs replacing. Mine had sharp grooves which I presume had been caused by worn out pads allowing the backing plates to rub on the discs. It would appear that the previous owner had fitted new pads, but not replaced the discs.

I have changed many brake discs in the past, but this was different and I am not surprised they had not been changed as it was difficult to find HOW to do the job or any information from others who have replaced them, so I hope this information helps anyone attempting to tackle this job.

Toyota Technicians said the discs had to be removed from the back after releasing the transmission from the shocks, but this was obviously false and it seemed impossible to withdraw from the front until my local 4x4 mechanic explained that the 6 collets under the bolts had to be removed before the bearings could be released. Easier said than done, but a gentle blow torch, penetrating oil and a hammer and screwdriver gradually released the 6 studs holding the bearing cover in place. A 54mm box spanner was required to release the 2 bearing nuts, followed by unbolting the 6 hefty bolts to separate the discs from the bearing using heat and cold chisel. Reassembly was easy!!

I was unsure of the correct parts when ordering on E bay when using an imported Number Plate for reference, so instead I went to my local Motor Factors who were able to order correctly through the Chassis Number.  

The procedure which worked for me.

Jack up and secure vehicle & Remove the 6 x 21mm bolts holding the wheel.

Remove 6 x 10mm nuts retaining freewheel housing. (Easy and comes off in one unit.)

Remove the brake pads and retaining cage using 14mm and 17mm spanners.

Gently compress brake calliper piston using a G clamp.

Lock the transmission in place with mole grips attached to the drive shaft.

Remove the 6 x 12mm nuts and washers holding the bearing housing to access the 6 collets.

Time and patience required and tackle from the front rather than trying to separate the chrome cover as that will just force it even more firmly onto the collets. I applied heat and tapped a screwdriver into the groove until they sprang out.    

Remove the circlip, (easily removed) splined washer and 12 mm nut holding the 2 x 54mm nuts in place.  

Release the locking washer and remove the 2 x 54mm nuts using the special 54mm box spanner.

The whole bearing assembly will then easily withdraw.

Fix the disc into a vice, heat the bolts and drift off the disc from the hub using a cold chisel and lump hammer.    

Sounds easy? Well it was as soon as the collets were removed and I had obtained a 54mm box spanner.

I am presuming readers will know how to replace normal dics and pads, but remember to start the engine and achieve hydraulic contact before attempting to drive off. Safe knowledge is power !!

P.S. Take photos just in case you forget how it is assembled and do put all the removed nuts and washers on a tray.

My only potential disaster was that my 20 month old grandson thought he was helping by removing the wheel bolts from the tray and depositing them somewhere safely.

I still have not found them anywhere, but fortunately I never throw anything away so had replacements ones in the workshop.            (John Brown 8/13.
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PostSubject: Re: Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.    Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:21 am

Hi John, great you got the job done. Just a word about those collets. These collets can hide almost unseen at the base of the studs depending on the amount of dirt / rust present.

The studs they are on have very highly domed heads which are designed for being hit with a hammer (copper hammer supposedly) which makes these collets loosen. In my case a good belting with the recommended copper hammer only destroyed the hammer. I then just hit them accurately with a normal hammer which loosened the collets without damaging the top threads on the stud.

I think I got my information on dissassembly from a forum on Hilux's. In my case the driveshafts and hubs are all the same as some kind of hilux.

Good luck with those wheel bolts. just make sure you dont find them with the lawnwmower.affraid 
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New Member

Number of posts : 19
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Registration date : 2011-10-19

PostSubject: Re: Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.    Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:22 pm

Thanks Dave,

Sorry about the use of the term bolts when I meant nuts !!
Thanks for the info about releasing the collets

I am not sure why Toyota feel they need 24 nuts to hold a disc and collets when other vehicles use only 5 nuts.

It is very satisfying to find a solution and to get the job done.


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PostSubject: Re: Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.    

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Fitting Front Brake Discs on a 4x4 Hiace.
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