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 The Cash Cow in the dip!

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PostSubject: The Cash Cow in the dip!   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:36 am

Yah see...... this SUPERCUSTOM driver goes out with the missus for a country drive. Too late! the trusty van ends up in a flooded dip in the road. After an hour of hummin and haaing and his missus nagging for him to push while she steered.........they hadn't budged more than a tad.
Suddenly over the hill comes a Tractor (No.....not a Supercustom Tractor!) and the driver calls out in a very friendly voice......."HI! looks like you folks could use a helping hand!"

"Would you really be so kind, oh thankyou thankyou thankyou!" choked our SuperCustom man with sobbing emotion.

"Would you happy with $20?" asked Tractor man.

"Wow, I can't believe it, you are such a thoughtful fellow " sobs Mr. SuperCustom.

With that, the tractor is hitched up and the van is pulled clear and well away from the dip and that puddle.

Handing over the $20, Mr. SuperCustom can't hold back his joy and says......." Sorry to have taken you away from your farmwork..I know Farmers are always very busy. "

Says the Farmer....."Ah! No worrries my friend, I sometimes have to do this up to 20 times in a day!"

Says Mr SuperCustom....."You really are a fine fellow but how on earth do you find the time to do your farmwork?"

Says the Farmer......."Oh I don't have to worry about that much any more to make a living, I have to spend too much time re-filling the water back up in the dip!"

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The Cash Cow in the dip!
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